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“Woulda…coulda… shoulda” Thoughts on Resolutions…

This is the time of year when many of us think about resolutions – of changing something in our life to make it better, happier, healthier, more prosperous.

As I watched the 1962 classic “The Music Man” this weekend, I was reminded of Thomas Jefferson’s quote, “Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today” when Professor Harold Hill (Robert Preston) told the Librarian, Marian (Shirley Jones), “If  you pile up enough tomorrows, all you will have is a bunch of empty yesterdays”.

Achieving “full” yesterdays that are aligned with your goals (avoiding the “woulda, coulda, shoulda”) may require you to make new habits or change old ones – something that cannot be put off until tomorrow.  Whether your resolution is to read more, eat less, work smarter, add a practice of meditation, exercise more patience, get to bed earlier, have a more positive outlook, be more organized, get fit – or any other goal – achieve it by starting now and by taking one small step at a time as you become aware of your opportunities to change. Ask yourself what is holding you back?  It is in the very moment when you notice what you could or should be doing that you have a choice and the power to make or break habits.  Don’t expect change will automatically happen because you made a resolution.  It will take multiple starts, a lot of awareness, successful repetition - and time – to adjust your thoughts and behaviors.

As you start your new year, make a point to notice your opportunities each day, hour and minute to choose the action that will make your yesterdays full.

Wishing you a prosperous, full and “woulda- coulda- shoulda-free” Happy New Year!

Shirley M. Clark, CLC

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